Who doesn’t love whiteboards?


Just love whiteboards don’t you? The smell of the erasable markers? Maybe some of the older of you will have the same feeling for overheads!

But, well, there’s something about whiteboards that is really fun.

Today, at the Smithsonian 2.0 meeting, Bran Ferren (“PowerPoint is evil”) took advantage of the stage spanning whiteboard of the Lecture Hall of the Smithsonian’s Ripley Center to give Smithsonian staff and guests and mini lecture on the Pantheon, Gothic Cathedrals, and the hope for a future for museums in general and the Smithsonian in particular.

Bran gave us six points to think about … any guesses as to what they were?

One thought on “Who doesn’t love whiteboards?

  1. I like to give presentations both with power point and on the whiteboards as well. But the advantage that whiteboards have is that they’re more available and it takes little time to write down and demonstrate our thoughts. Isn’t it?

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