ArtBabble anyone?

Have any SI 2.0 folks (or other readers of this blog) checked out ArtBabble yet? I haven’t had a chance to explore the content in-depth yet, but looks like a lot of really interesting artist interviews, behind-the-scenes tours, employee profiles, etc.–sort of like a YouTube for art, although it is not open for public videos at this point.

ArtBabble is hosted by the Indianapolis Museum of Art and contains mostly IMA-related videos, but the FAQ suggests that they are open and interested in having other institutions contribute as well. If some SI units already have high-quality video clips, this may be one way to get knowledge “out there” without having to build the platform from scratch–or at the very least it is an interesting model to generate discussion.

The link is –It is invitation-only at this point (I think the site has only be live for a month or two), but e-mail me if you are interested and I’ll send you an invite. Would love to hear what others think about it and how something similar might be used at the Smithsonian.

5 thoughts on “ArtBabble anyone?

  1. Tatiana – thanks for the ArtBabble plug. I hope everyone is enjoying the beta phase of the site and learning more about art through our video content. We are already talking to other museums about adding their own content, so look for changes in the very near future. Beyond that, we would love hear feedback, and of course offer invites to all.

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