You & the Smithsonian’s Web and New Media Strategy

This awesome call-to-action on YouTube was produced for us by npampalone and strangeredfilms, on their own initiative and their own dime, just because they thought it was a good idea. Humbling, that is. I submit that the Smithsonian’s future greatness will be measured more by how we inspire our fans to go out and do creative things like this than by the things we choose to build ourselves inside the walls of the Institution.

A related highlighs reel mashes up man/woman/child-on-the-street video with the call-to-action (also by npampalone and strangeredfilms), a few of the video responses that have been submitted, and Jesse Dylan’s Science Commons video, which I’ve added to drive-home some thoughts about the notion of a Smithsonian Commons. 

So submit your video to the Voice Your Vision group on YouTube and tell us what you think. We’ll be uploading our vision to the strategy wiki in the coming weeks.

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