Event: Crowdsourcing for Creativity and Human Potential on Monday, February 4th

Crowdsourcing has become a critical component of today’s emerging information technologies and practices. Innovators are using it to respond to natural disasters, call attention to human rights abuses, and harness the combined potential of people all over the world in both creative and scholarly ways. But are there also barriers that keep crowdsourcing from being as effective as it might be? What kinds of research might be done to overcome those barriers and lead to even more effective action?

On Monday, February 4th, an panel of “future-ists” will address these questions in “Crowdsourcing for Creativity and Human Potential.” The Smithsonian Institution is a founding partner of the Future of Information Alliance (FIA) based at the University of Maryland. As a partner, all SI staff are invited to participate in the February 4th afternoon event that will explore both the opportunities and challenges associated with crowdsourcing. You may participate either by attending the event on the University of Maryland campus or by following the program as it is live-streamed to the FIA YouTube channel. Registration is free and you can find details for this event at the FIA website.

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