Social Media Week DC: A Mobile Smithsonian


How is the Smithsonian engaging audiences through mobile platforms? On February 20th, SI Mobile hosted mobile practitioners from across the District in an event called “A Mobile Smithsonian,” held in conjunction with Social Media Week DC (February 18-22). Nancy Proctor (SI Mobile) kicked off the event with a brief discussion of the Smithsonian Mobile Strategy and where to find all of the Smithsonian mobile apps in one place. Attendees provided feedback about the current Smithsonian app and paper prototypes of the app redesign as well. SI Mobile Fellow Johanna Perez-Strand led a discussion about Access American Stories and how the app could be improved to meet the needs of visually impaired users (for whom the app is designed).


The group was also introduced to the new AR app for the National Museum of African American History and Culture in a discussion led by Marcella Florence of NMAAHC.


Different features on the app allow users to view renderings of the new museum from different perspectives on the Mall, as well as from wherever you are standing. Below, a participant finds out how it feels to hold history in the making in his hand:


Many thanks to everyone who participated in discussions, gave helpful feedback, and made this a successful event!

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