Welcome Wednesday 15 May 2013: Mobile Accessibility and More


3-4pm: NEA webinar on steps that organizations can take to build accessibility into the design of websites, mobile apps, videos, and video games.. We will be watching the webinar together in the OCIO Conference Room. Please join us! If you can’t make it to WW, you can still sign up and watch the webinar on your own. It’s free!

4-4:30pm: Discussion and update on SI Mobile News

    • Ubuntu 12.04: we are now running on a more modern version of Ubuntu Linux which is officially supported until 2015
    • flexible notification system: we can setup email notifications so that when new recordings are made and uploaded, people are notified with a link to the admin page for the new asset.
    • tag flexibility: tags are now much more flexibly controlled by the server and reflected in the apps
    • social sharing: the server now stores and communicates a link to a recording sharing page for each project as well as a default sharing message to populate a tweet, Facebook post or email.
    • admin improvements:
      1. asset uploads; you can now add recordings directly to the system right from your computer without using the apps
      2. various reorganizations and streamlines of data presentation and access
    • prioritization engine: a robust and extensible engine for imposing different prioritizations on the playback of recordings in the stream.  More methods can be added, but currently there are three available and easily switched between:
      1. random – this is the standard method that has been in place, essentially randomly selecting a recording to play based on all available per the filters in place
      2. by_like – orders playback by the number of likes recordings have accreted i.e. the more likes, the sooner the recording will be played in the stream
      3. by_weight – orders playback by an administrator-controlled field for each recording called ‘weight’.  Admins can assign higher weight values to recordings they want played sooner.
  • Changing the Welcome Wednesday schedule: please vote for your preferred meeting time if you haven’t already!

One thought on “Welcome Wednesday 15 May 2013: Mobile Accessibility and More

  1. Questions from the WW group for the NEA Accessibility Webinar presenters:

    + Do the presenters have a list of apps and games that they consider really well designed from an accessibility point of view?
    + Are there established groups, listservs, centers and the like that will test apps for accessibility for free or for a modest fee?
    + Are there guidelines and best practices for using haptic response in interfaces? When is it most useful for people who are blind, have low vision, or are simply unable to look at the screen much (e.g. drivers, walkers…)? Also when are haptic responses confusing, distracting or annoying?

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