Welcome Wednesday 12 June 2013: Dealing with Data & Mobile Devices

From 12-1pm, join Jen Hammock from EOL and Aaron Cope from Cooper-Hewitt for a discussion of the future adventures of Smithsonian digital content outside our walls and servers, in the hands of outside app developers and other mobilizers of content. There is enormous potential for re-use of the vast and varied public resources the Institution is making available online. The impact of this, particularly in education, but also in research and the arts, could be huge. Thought and work are needed to facilitate the success of these third party initiatives.

  • Web-services and technical support (so things can be built)
  • Design advice and user testing (so awesome things can be built)
  • Dissemination and promotion of third party products (so awesome things can be adopted by users)
  • How much can/should we, as the interested content source, help out with all of this?
  • Potential benefits to SI and attendant responsibilities: attribution, terms of use, and usage and impact metrics (so SI can get credit for awesome things getting adopted by users)

Third party use of SI-wide content has so far been limited, so let’s address these questions with an analogous use case, a new app supported by content from the Encyclopedia of Life: https://itunes.apple.com/ie/app/name-it/id592726254?mt=8

And learnings from Cooper-Hewitt’s collections data work (see, inter alia, http://labs.cooperhewitt.org/2012/online-collection-alpha/ and http://labs.cooperhewitt.org/2012/lost-collection-alpha/)

From 1-2pm, Rich Cooper will answer our questions on mobile device distribution at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and more from 1-2pm. See also Rich’s essay on mobile marketing in the AAM Mobile Apps for Museums book: http://mobileappsformuseums.wordpress.com/2013/05/09/marketing-the-freedom-tour-a-mobile-app-case-study/ and his Prezi.

For earlier webcasts on mobile device distribution, see:

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