Trying Google Hangouts for Welcome Wednesday

hangout-google-logoWe decided to give it a try and Google Hangouts proved to be a very useful video conferencing tool at last week’s Welcome Wednesday. Participants shared their thoughts on using the Google Hangouts platform as well as information on their current projects and ideas on how to improve mobile visibility and experience. The link to the video, which was streamed live on Hangouts as well as YouTube, can be found at

Our only disappointment is that Google Hangouts is limited to 10 online participants, so we will probably continue using Vidyo where we expect more online participants. If you have a better video conferencing suggestion for us, we’d love to hear it!

For your viewing convenience a video map is below:

Welcome Wednesday on July 10th, 2013


0:00:37-0:01:00 (Peacock Room App)

0:01:00-0:01:35; 0:39:00-0:42:53 (Asteroid App)

0:01:35 (Festival Apps)

Google Hangouts Trial

0:02:38-0:08:38 (Testing)

0:16:25-0:18:25 (Testing)

0:23:53-0:24:33 (Sound problem solution)

0:29:20-0:29:23 (Desktop/Laptop v. iPhone)

0:51:36-1:03:12 (Testing)

Harry Potter Alliance

0:09:40-0:14:05 (Overview)

Mobile/Marketing Ideas

0:18:29-0:23:35 (Creating experiences for visitors)

0:42:53-0:46:44 (Breaking barriers – “Free is Free”)

0:46:44-0:50:30 (Signage and Web visibility)

Mobile App Ambassadors

0:26:17-0:28:28 (What are App Ambassadors)

0:29:36-0:36:15 (Ideas)

0:36:33-0:38:35 (Ideas)

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