Welcome Wednesday July 24: The Harry Potter Alliance & Places of Invention

View this meeting on YouTube

In this week’s Welcome Wednesday we hear from the Smithsonian’s EdLab, which has been working with the Harry Potter Alliance and working with teens in a mentoring capacity for afterschool programming. They share insights on how young people interact with SI Education programs using digital and mobile platforms.

We also hear from the Lemelson Center’s Anna Karvellas, who talks about interactive map issues in the Places of Invention exhibition, opening at NMAH in 2015, featuring an interactive map as the centerpiece of the exhibition, website, and mobile app. The map will be populated with video stories of invention around the world–including curated stories from select Smithsonian Affiliates—and encourage visitors to add their own text, images, videos, and tags from their home, from the exhibition kiosk, from their phone, etc. She talks about challenges faced by the team and asks how other museums and parts of the Smithsonian are handling these issues. You can add your suggestions on the wiki page devoted to this discussion.

At the end of our session, we invite other students working on mobile to bring their questions to our group. This week, Kim Fisher asks for tips on creating great museum tours for iPads. Post your answers and tips on the SI Mobile wiki.

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