Help mobilize the Smithsonian!

PrintThe Smithsonian Mobile Program has created a variety of apps for use both at the Smithsonian and offsite and is seeking virtual volunteers to help evaluate those apps. We are particularly keen to have testers on a variety of devices in addition to iOS and Android, and testers who use accessibility features like VoiceOver, enlarge text, and audio/video captioning. To view a list of all of our mobile apps and websites, please visit After testing the apps we ask that you provide us with your feedback by completing our online survey at

Thank you for your mobilizing efforts! And welcome to the #SImobile team!

You are also welcome to join the SImobile mailing list to receive invitations to our meet-ups and hear from other mobilizers in DC and beyond.

2 thoughts on “Help mobilize the Smithsonian!

  1. This is true of the Smithsonian’s apps: we’ve never had the budget to include Windows as well, and several of our apps could only be built on iOS. We almost did the Smithsonian Mobile app on Blackberry but by the time we got to that part of the project, RIM was tanking so we focused on the mobile website version instead for those who don’t have iOS or Android phones. There are many other mobile websites at as well; if you think people would like to test those for us, we can add them to our survey!

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