Universal Design and Exhibits

SEPTEMBER 25, 11:30-1:00: Beth Ziebarth, Krista Flores and Kim Moeller and others will be guiding a brown-bag discussion about UNIVERSAL DESIGN AND EXHIBITS. This is a rich topic and there will be a lot to discuss. Consider this a “start” to the dialogue. Thoughts on additional discussions and plans will be addressed at the end of the brown bag. The event will take place at the NASM Briefing Room. If you need directions or access (this is a SI staff-only area, but others are welcome to attend), please email PEEPSSIExhibits [at] si.edu. In order to ensure that we have enough space, PLEASE RSVP to PEEPSSIExhibits [at] si.edu by August 26 if you plan to attend. As with all PEEPS events, this brown bag is open to participation from other units. Please feel free to share this announcement with colleagues and others who may be interested.

WOULD LOVE TO PARTICIPATE BUT CAN’T COME? This session will be available online by Google Hangout (up to 10 participants) and live streamed to YouTube. Please email PEEPSSIExhibits [at] si.edu if you are interested in joining in remotely.

Want to have a say with PEEPS plans? Get involved with planning the next Share Fair and/or defining exhibition excellence at the Smithsonian. If you want to be part of what’s going on, send an email to PEEPSSIExhibits [at] si.edu<mailto:PEEPSSIExhibits@si.edu> and join us for a quick chat at 11:00 on August 28 before the Universal Design brown bag.


  1. A field trip to the Frederick Douglass National Historical Site. How do our colleagues at NPS manage to do something with little resources?
  2. Let’s talk about lighting! And security! Things are changing. How can we keep up with basic needs given shrinking budgets?

Ideas or suggestions for future PEEPS events? Send an email to PEEPSSIEXhibits [at] si.edu

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