Welcome Wednesday 11 Sep 2013: Brainstorming!

Due to technical difficulties with Google Hangouts, we did not stream or record the session. However, we will post notes from the session here and will also try to reschedule the brainstorming session at a later date.

Jeff Smith, Assistant Registrar for Collections Information at the Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, has an app idea he’d like to brainstorm with the SI Mobile meet-up group. Join us at FSG or online from 9:30-10:30am on Wed, 11 September. The Google Hangout and Youtube broadcast links will be posted here a few minutes before the session starts, emailed to the SI Mobile listserv, and tweeted with the #SImobile hashtag. If you have questions before or during the session, you can tweet us with the #SImobile tag or email simobile@si.edu

Jeff wants to explore the idea of an iPad app that works with a collections-access website to allow users to download both images and its accompanying data, and reorder them & make their own notes on the device, easily showing/hiding the text and removing what is not wanted.  The museum could then also make available sets of records – tours, particular galleries, what’s on view –any thematic set of records with data.

This relationship between the web collections database and the iPad platform could perhaps be used as the basis for, or part of, a larger technical framework for making available access to related objects and content in the galleries or other public areas, as well as a tool for docents and other education staff.

Needed feedback from participants includes:

  • Is this even technically possible?
  • How is this different or better than a “my collection” feature on a website?
  • Would it be worth the money, and how long-term could it be useful?
  • Is the tie between a website and installed app feasible or even desirable?

Instructions for accessing the Freer Conference Room at 9:30 (before Museum opens):

Please come to the Independence Avenue entrance of the Freer Gallery of Art. Jeff Smith will be waiting just inside to provide directions the Freer conference room, which is nearby.

One thought on “Welcome Wednesday 11 Sep 2013: Brainstorming!

  1. Sorry for the delay in posting – I had some immediate deadlines. Thanks to all who offered their comments. Sounds as if the broader topic of new and different methods/platforms for offering collections images and data is worth exploring a bit further.

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