Your questions and comments for Apple

Reps from Apple will be in DC on Tuesday 24 September to share Apple’s new technology news, introduce iBeacons and more. Join us to meet with them at the National Museum of the American Indian from 10-12pm (4th floor, rooms 4018/4019).

If you can’t make it in person, feel free to send your questions to, add them in the comments on this page, or tweet them to #SImobile on the day.

Our guests from Apple may also have availability to visit with local area museums in the afternoon of the 24th; if you’d like to schedule a separate meeting with them, email

This meeting will not be recorded or webcast, but we will post our notes here.

4 thoughts on “Your questions and comments for Apple

  1. How does Apple recommend setting up Apple IDs for shared iPads and laptops? For example, we have 60 laptops and I’m wondering how to purchase apps and push software updates without having to create at least 6 new Apple IDs (since Apple IDs have a 10 device limit).

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