SI Mobile Annual Review, Monday December 2th

The SI Mobile Annual Review tool place on Monday December 2 at the National Museum of American Indian, room 4018/4019 (4th floor).

Here are the recordings of the presentations and the showcase that took place in the afternoon.

Welcome by Nancy Proctor

Lee Glazer and Maya Foo: the Peacock Room Comes to America

Valeria Gasparotti: Collecting Korea at the Freer Gallery

Benjamin Bloom and Dorothy Moss: Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition

Marcella Florence: Change America

Marcella Florence: See NMAAHC

Dan Davis, Dixie Clough, Vicki Portway: working with Tap for NMAI NY and NASM apps.

Vicki Portway and Sarah Banks: Co-pilot TAP tour at NASM

Joanne Flores and Nancy Proctor: Stories of World Heritage Sites

Heather Foster: Romare Bearden Tour/Romare Bearden Remixes

Robbie Davis: Stories from Main Street

Dana Small and Laurie Stepp: Smithsonian Mobile with AR feature

Karen Milbourne and Mike Briggs: Artists in dialogue 2

Diana N’Diaye: The Will to Adorn

Ashley Deese: Shutterbugs

Adriel Luis: Mobile website APAC

Alan Hayman from XCO Software LLC: the National Zoo App

Randall Smith: Atom DB (remote presentation)

Robert Costello and Diana Marques: Skin & Bones

Mobile showcase: demonstrations of SI Mobile apps and websites in a tradefair set-up


Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition

Romare Bearden collage app

Access American Stories

Changing America


Skin and Bones


All the videos from the review are available on the SI Mobile You Tube Channel:

Huge thanks to Dan Davis and Mark Christal of NMAI for hosting us and providing AV support!

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