Open mic event: “Mobile as a dimension of everything: cross-platform thinking in museums” | Tuesday 14th January 2014

On Tuesday 14th January SI Mobile hosted an open microphone event dedicated to the latest mobile projects in museums around the Washington DC area. Students and professors from the Masters in Museum Studies program from the University of Toronto attended and participated.

The discussion revolved around (but was not restricted to) a series of central questions:

How can we develop projects that make use of mobile technology in synergy with other platforms?

How can we create strategies modeled on Tate’s premise “Digital as a dimension of everything”?

How does your project embrace this concept? What is currently lacking and what could be initiated to transform how your museum uses mobile?

If you missed this event, you can take a look at the recording of the lightning talks:


Nancy Proctor 

Welcome to attendees and honored guests from the University of Toronto Museum Studies program

Valeria Gasparotti

“Digital as a dimension of everything:” Key learnings from the Tate interviews

Dana Allen Greil | National Gallery of Art
Teen social media guide at the National Gallery of Art

Suzanne Sarraf | National Gallery of Art
National Gallery of Art Mobile App

Michelle Herman | Phillips Collection
Phillips Collection Mobile Website

Chris Magnus
 | Live it Learn it!
Let’s Pack Emotional Baggage!

Nancy Proctor
| Smithsonian Institution Mobile Strategy and Initiatives Program
Reflections on revising the Smithsonian’s Mobile Strategic Plan

Valeria Gasparotti | Smithsonian Institution Mobile Strategy and Initiatives Program
Developing a Marketing Plan for SI Mobile

Cody Brown | Master Museum Studies University of Toronto

Mobile games in museums

Patrick Goar | Accessibility Program Smithsonian Institution
Demonstration of Google Glass

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