Gaming in 2014

Gaming is something the Smithsonian is just getting into with the new games coming out of SSEC and the new gaming listserv and meet-ups. I am hopeful that there will be more exciting things to come for the future of gaming at the Smithsonian. In that line of thought, let’s look at what others think is in store for the future of gaming. I’ve gathered a few articles to help us look forward to the near future of gaming:

This infographic style pdf of 2013 gaming stats claims that, “No other sector has experienced the same explosive growth as the computer and video game industry.”

In a list of 7 futurisms, FastCo suggests that, “Minecraft and its ilk will take over the world and the U.S. education system. (Well, maybe not in 2014, but soon.),” and that “Games and play will lead the way as virtual worlds and reality overlap.”

Mashable’s list of “6 Exciting Gaming Trends to Watch in 2014,” include assertive displays and second screens to improve the user experience.

Venturebeat claims that, “With a mobile boom, learning games are a $1.5 billion market headed toward $2.3 billion by 2017.”

Wherever gaming is going in 2014, I certainly hope we will expand our own gaming horizons and join in the fun. If you know of any other great articles on the future of gaming, please share in the comments!

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