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Project Access New York

Project Access New York: Best Practices for Access and Inclusion in the Arts was a one-day special conference held at the Museum of Modern Art on May 2, 2013. As you would expect, the organizers, did an excellent job of making the videos of the conference accessible on YouTube with closed captioning and verbal descriptions. They are … Continue reading

Mobile at Quai Branly, January 2013

While in Paris for the SIME-SITEM conference in January 2013, I  got to try out some interesting new mobile experiences at the Louvre and Quai Branly museums. Quai Branly offers a number of mobile experiences for people of all needs and abilities. There are ‘traditional’ multimedia tours on loan on iPod touches; a multi-sensory iPad experience … Continue reading

Nintendo 3D xl at the Louvre

While in Paris for the SIME-SITEM 2013 conference, I tried out the Louvre’s new  location-aware tour of the galleries on a Nintendo 3DS xl. Nintendo donated both the dual-screen devices and the wireless network that the devices use for recognizing their location in the galleries. Probably because the system uses a proprietary and dedicated network and … Continue reading

Is innovation possible in museums? SIME-SITEM 2013

I was invited to lead a Masterclass on digital thinking for museums at the SIME-SITEM Conference in Paris, 26 January 2013. The trip also enabled me to do research into recent French innovations in mobile experiences at the Louvre and Quai Branly museum. SIME-SITEM Held every year in the Carousel du Louvre (the convention space … Continue reading