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Gaming in 2014

Gaming is something the Smithsonian is just getting into with the new games coming out of SSEC and the new gaming listserv and meet-ups. I am hopeful that there will be more exciting things to come for the future of gaming at the Smithsonian. In that line of thought, let’s look at what others think is in … Continue reading

Mobile Marketing Resources

During my internship at the Smithsonian Mobile Strategy and Initiatives Program I have been working on create plans, guidelines and suggestions for units on marketing their mobile products with traditional and social media around the Smithsonian. Here below are listed the different resources that I have been pulling together: SI Mobile Marketing Plan (draft); Mobile … Continue reading

Open mic event: “Mobile as a dimension of everything: cross-platform thinking in museums” | Tuesday 14th January 2014

On Tuesday 14th January SI Mobile hosted an open microphone event dedicated to the latest mobile projects in museums around the Washington DC area. Students and professors from the Masters in Museum Studies program from the University of Toronto attended and participated. The discussion revolved around (but was not restricted to) a series of central questions: … Continue reading

SI Mobile Annual Review, Monday December 2th

The SI Mobile Annual Review tool place on Monday December 2 at the National Museum of American Indian, room 4018/4019 (4th floor). Here are the recordings of the presentations and the showcase that took place in the afternoon. Welcome by Nancy Proctor Lee Glazer and Maya Foo: the Peacock Room Comes to America Valeria Gasparotti: … Continue reading

New Date: Usability Speed Testing Workshop

The Usability Speed Testing Workshop originally planned for Jan 8 will now be part of the User Experience Community Summit organized by the DigitalGov University on Jan 28 from 9.00 to 12.00 at the US General Services Administration. Topics of the event will include: Getting Management to Understand and Buy into Usability The PRA and … Continue reading

Featured: Infinity of Nations on Apple in Education

Featured: Infinity of Nations on Apple in Education

Check it out—the National Museum of the American Indian’s Infinity of Nations app has been featured on Apple’s education app page in the “History and Geography” section. With this app, you can take a closer look at the artifacts in the Infinity of Nations exhibition, listen to descriptions of objects representing several regions in the … Continue reading

Washington Post Discovers Smithsonian 2.0

The Washington Post did a story on the Smithsonian 2.0 event. Condensing the two plus days of activity into a traditional print journalism article with limitations of space, coming out two days after the event, etc., was a difficult task. Already, readers have been providing some feedback on the Post’s website, so that will help expand the coverage. So, for those … Continue reading