Mobile Apps

Smithsonian Mobile app

Smithsonian Mobile »

Your mobile guide to visiting the Smithsonian. Discover what to see and do, search our collections, access podcasts and other apps, add your tips and photos

Access American Storiesapp

Access American Stories »

Offers everyone new ways of seeing 100 of America’s most evocative historical objects through the eyes of both visitors and museum staff

Artists in Dialogue 2 app

Artists in Dialogue 2 »

Style and creativity meet in this bilingual (English and Brazilian Portuguese) tour of the second of the National Museum of African Art’s “Artists in Dialogue” series

goSmithsonian Trek app

goSmithsonian Trek »

Take a journey through nine museums, solving clues and challenges in this exciting new mobile phone game

Infinity of Nations app

Infinity of Nations »

A bilingual mobile guide to the new “Infinity of Nations” exhibition compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad

Leafsnap Mobile App

Leafsnap »

This free mobile app uses visual recognition software to help identify tree species from photographs of their leaves

National Zoo Mobile App

National Zoo »

Maps, tours, animals, news, activities, live animal cams, movies, and fun Zooify Yourself feature

MEanderthal Mobile App

MEanderthal »

Do you look like your prehistoric relatives? Try morphing yourself backward in time with the MEanderthal app for iPhone and Android!

Owney the Dog Mobile App

Owney the Dog »

Watch Owney the Dog “come to life” above his official US commemorative stamp released July 27, 2011

Owney: Tales from the Rails App

Owney: Tales from the Rails »

Enjoy the life story of Owney, the official mascot of the Railway Mail Service, in this animated adventure eBook with vocal performance by Trace Adkins

Set In Style app

Set In Style »

This iPad application showcases 65 of the 350 works on view at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York

Smithsonian Networks app

Smithsonian Channel »

Stay connected with Smithsonian Channel’s original series, documentaries, and fun facts

Smithsonian Magazine app

Smithsonian Magazine »

Smithsonian magazine on your iPad includes every story, department, photo, and more

Smithsonian Tours app

Smithsonian Tours »

Selection of custom-built tours, based on your available time and passions from the editors of Smithsonianmagazine

Space Shuttle Era Mobile App

Space Shuttle Era: Stories from 30 Years of Exploration »

Air & Space magazine presents a celebration of the 30-year history of the U.S. Space Shuttle

Stories from Main Street Mobile App

Stories from Main Street »

New app collecting stories from America’s small towns and rural communities. What’s your story?

Stories of World Heritage  Mobile App

Stories of World Heritage »

Discover ten stories from UNESCO’s World Heritage List: The list of the most outstanding natural and cultural sites in the world

Yves Klein app

Yves Klein: With the Void, Full Powers »

This app—available for Android, iPhone, and iPad—gives users a full overview of the exhibition and insight into selected artworks

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