Smithsonian 2.0 Conference Webcasts

Windows Media Player v. 8 or higher required.

Keynote: Re-Imagining the Smithsonian
Bran Ferren, Principal – Applied Minds, Inc.
Keynote: The Smithsonian’s Long Tail
Chris Anderson, Editor in Chief – Wired Magazine
Keynote: Tagging the Smithsonian
George Oates, Founder – Flickr Commons
Keynote: The Smithsonian for Everyone
Clay Shirky, Author, – Here Comes Everybody

Closing Plenary Session
Convened by Richard Kurin – Part A   |   Part B

Photos of the event were shared on the SI 2.0 Flickr group.

Selected Websites and New Media

The Smithsonian websites more and more include dynamic, interactive content and new media. Go to the full gallery of selected examples. Many of these examples will be demonstrated for conference attendees. Categories include:

Informational/Promotional Museum/Unit For Educators Exhibitions
Library/Collections Commerce Social Media Multimedia

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