Social Media at the Smithsonian

For the diverse staff, interns, and volunteers who contribute to social media projects at the Smithsonian, connecting with communities and individuals through social media is more than using different platforms to write posts and share photos. Smithsonian social media is about being social (hosting discussions, inviting people to the party and introducing them to each other, celebrating, commemorating, and being real people), open (transparent in all that we do, the public’s connection to behind the scenes, speedy to respond, and authentic), accessible (welcoming to the broadest of nationwide audiences, attuned to the needs of key target audiences, reflective of the diversity of our audiences), educational (focused on learning outcomes and engagement in addition to promotional efforts, rooted in evaluation), and engaging (rule #1: never be boring).

We invite participation, comment, feedback, and collaboration through the Smithsonian’s social media channels as well as this site.

Monthly meetings on topics related to social take place on the last Tuesday of every month.

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